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Ricky Greenwald, PsyD, Executive Director

Wendy Payson, BA, Managing Director

Hanneli de Vries, Assistant Managing Director

Elizabeth Davis, MFA, MS, LCAT, ATR-BC, Therapist; Clinical Director of Intake

Kym Lasser-Chere, LMHC, Northern CA and Wilmington, NC; Therapist; Intake Therapist; Grant Writer

Jaclyn Bex, PhD, LMFT, Greensboro, NC; Therapist; Assistant Trainer

Lindsay Farrar, LMHC, Albany, NY; Therapist; Trainer

Brittany Feldmeyer, LCSW, Buffalo, NY; Therapist; Intake Therapist; Director of Organizational Development and Efficiency

Kelly Flaherty, MA, Northampton, MA; Therapist; Intake Therapist

Danielle Godfrey, LCSW-R, Buffalo, NY; Therapist; Trainer

Jessica Horder, LMHC, Buffalo, NY; Therapist; Assistant Trainer; Director of Consultation Services

Kelsey Marano, LMSW, Wilmington, NC; Therapist

Tim Oaks, LCSW, Northampton, MA; Therapist

Avery Seyler-Wetzel, LCSW, Northampton, MA; Therapist

Erica Smith, LCSW, Wilmington, NC; Social Work Supervisor

Molly Steranko, LMFT, LBS, NADD-CC, Pennsylvania; Therapist

Kristin Woods, LCSW, Northampton, MA; Therapist; Intake Therapist

Laura Worrell, MA, Wilmington, NC; Director of Wilmington, NC; Therapist

Jaden Acosta, Training Specialist; Social Media Coordinator

Laura Boyd, Intake Coordinator

Tia Foster, Intake Coordinator

Jennifer Hughes, Training Coordinator

Pete Lipka, IT Specialist

Kim Logan, Intake Coordinator

Emely McKeown, Northampton, MA, Administrative Assistant

George Moeckel, IT Coordinator

Mikayla Richardson, Accounting Specialist

Evan Wilkerson, Executive Assistant; HR/Payroll Coordinator

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The institute provides therapy, training, consultation, information, and resources for those who work with trauma-exposed children, adolescents, and adults. If you would like more information about our services, please contact our team.