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Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy Certification

TICTI offers the world’s only training — open to any qualified therapist — in a research-supported model of intensive trauma-focused therapy. Our gold-standard certification in Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy represents extensive training and experience in the model. As third-party payors start covering intensives, we anticipate that this certification may be required.

Certification Benefits:

Certification Requirements:

  • Trained in EMDR or PC
  • Completion of our week-long training in Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy
  • Completion of the two-day training, Advanced Methods in Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy.
  • At least 3 clients for a total of at least 12 days of providing intensive trauma-focused therapy
  • At least 3 hours of individual consultation provided (by a TICTI-accredited Consultant) in real time during provision of an intensive
  • At least 6 hours (two half-days) of PC or EMDR group consultation provided by a TICTI-accredited Consultant
  • Endorsement by a TICTI-accredited Intensive Consultant
  • Complete and pass a written test
  • License or registration for independent practice as a mental health professional, and adherence to your profession’s ethical code of conduct
  • $250 fee
  • Renewal (every 4 years) to require 12 hours (four half-days) of group consultation or equivalent activities TBD.

Click for the Application for Intensive Certification.

Training In How to Do Intensives

The first step is to complete training in either EMDR or PC (including all required consultation, quizzes, etc.). The next step is to practice the EMDR/PC with your clients. Then you’re ready to participate in the week-long Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy training.

Advanced Methods In Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy

This two-day course teaches advanced methods that are sometimes needed in intensives, including motivational interviewing, attachment work, parts work, and other techniques.

EMDR or PC Group Consultation

The required two half-days of post-training EMDR or PC group consultation can be completed with any TICTI-accredited EMDR/PC Consultant. The consultation must be done in a group format (minimum 4 participants, max 8), either in person (face to face) or by video-conference; and it must include review of participants’ actual work, e.g., session videos. The consultation will focus on TICTI’s trauma-informed treatment approach, including EMDR/PC.

Individual Intensives Consultation in Real Time

Three hours of individual consultation are required, provided by a TICTI-accredited Intensive Consultant, in real time while you are providing one or more intensives.

Endorsement by an Intensive Consultant

The endorsement for Intensive Certification by a TICTI-accredited Intensive Consultant will be based on case discussion as well as review of your actual work (live or video) in the trauma-focused intensive treatment approach. Consultants will provide detailed feedback to help you improve as needed. Consultants charge for their time, so get as far as you can in improving your skills via Group Consultation before trying for the Endorsement.

Disclaimer: TICTI makes no express or implied warranty as to the fitness or competence of any Intensive Certification holder. The credential is intended to represent completion of the activities likely to lead to mastery of intensive trauma-focused therapy.

Intensive Certification Package

  • 3 hours real-time individual consultation
  • 2 half-days of group consultation
  • 2-day training, Advanced Methods in Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy
  • Exam

(Not included: the initial trainings in EMDR/PC and Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy; any additional consultation that may be required to earn the Consultant’s endorsement of your application for Certification; the application fee.)

Work-Study Fellowships available!


Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy Certification Package


Please note that you must have completed EMDR or PC training AND our Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy training to purchase.


Requirements for becoming an Intensive Consultant:

  • Intensive Certification
  • Provision of intensives to at least 20 clients for a total of at least 100 full days
  • Provision of at least 20 hours of PC or EMDR group consultation and 10 hours of Intensive individual consultation, under an existing TICTI-accredited Consultant
  • A letter of endorsement from the Intensive Consultant, based on having observed you providing such consultation, and having discussed it with you
  • Application fee of $250 (note that Intensive Consultants are automatically also certified; renewal of Consultant status automatically renews Certification status as well)
  • Renewal every four years, will require participation in at least two of TICTI’s annual no-fee Trainer & Consultant days.


Click for the Application to Become an Intensives Consultant.

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