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Why We Offer Online Intensives

I’m not only old, I’m also old-school in some ways. So when we were first considering offering intensive trauma-focused psychotherapy

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Pandemic Special

Welcome to the disrupted, surreal world of pandemic. The mental health community and its stakeholders have been stepping up to

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Do I Need Therapy?

This is a question I often hear, not only from prospective clients, but also from friends and acquaintances. So first

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Surviving Family Events

Christmas, Passover, Thanksgiving, weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduations, reunions, any special occasion… wonderful in theory, but can be challenging in real

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Yoga and Trauma Healing

You don’t have to be Hindu, or spiritual, to do Yoga, a Hindu spiritual practice that involves prescribed physical activities

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Mindfulness and Trauma Healing

Mindfulness is rightly enjoying considerable popularity lately. Mindfulness is a practice of non-judgmental awareness of thoughts and feelings as they

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