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Slaying The Dragon

Overcoming Life's Challenges and Getting to Your Goals

Slaying the Dragon is an accessible plain-language guide to healing from old wounds, solving problems, and achieving life goals.

Why does therapy sometimes seem to go on endlessly, with only incremental progress? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Based on the latest research on brain functioning and psychotherapy, renowned psychologist Ricky Greenwald presents an efficient, systematic, proven-effective method of achieving true healing, transformation, and substantial, durable change. The reader is then guided step by step through the sequence of activities that will propel him or her to heal and move forward in life.

This is the book that therapists will give to their clients, to help them understand why they are struggling, and what they can do to get to their goals. And this is the book that people who want to improve their lives will use to figure out how – and how to get the help they need to do it.

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