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EMDR Consultation

Individual Consultation in EMDR

Individual EMDR consultation is provided by skilled TICTI Faculty who are EMDRIA-approved Consultants and Consultants In Training (CITs) who provide the same service at a lower fee. Consultation services from both Approved Consultants and CITs count towards your EMDR Certification process.

EMDR Consultees must either:

These serve as a foundation for our focus on the entire trauma therapy approach.

Note that our Consultants highly value seeing documentation of your work, typically via screen-shared recordings of sessions. This enables them to provide the highest quality consultation through direct feedback on your work with clients, as well as the ability to endorse you for certification based on observations of your progress and strengths in applying EMDR to clinical practice. (If there are barriers to recording sessions with clients, you can discuss this with your consultant.)

Find the right Consultant for you: send a Consultation Request including:

  • type of consultation you’re looking for (EMDR)
  • types of clients you work with
  • whether you prefer an Approved Consultant or a Consultant In Training at a reduced fee

We offer a free Zoom interview with our consultation coordinator to ensure that our services are a good fit for you! This meeting will be arranged after receiving your Consultation Request.

Individual EMDR Consultation with an Approved Consultant

Write in N/A in the name of clinician box if you aren’t sure and would like to be matched with a consultant by our consultation coordinator.


EMDR Group Consultation

For EMDR-trained clinicians

Dates and Times (EST) Below

Group consultation sessions will address:

  • Participant case questions.
  • Technical issues within the EMDR basic protocol.
  • Assessing client readiness for EMDR and how to increase readiness in complex cases
  • Target sequence planning and cluster identification
  • Integrating Flash into treatment
  • Stabilization and resourcing strategies

Who may attend: This event is for clinicians who have completed any EMDRIA-approved EMDR Therapy training program. Participants must either:

These serve as a foundation for our focus on the entire trauma therapy approach.

Our group consultation sessions are provided securely online via Zoom. You can participate from the convenience of your own home or office, all you need is a high-speed internet connection. Registration is good for four sessions (a total of 12 hours, 10 of which can be used towards your certification).

Participants are expected to be prepared for a group with either: a minimum of 2 clinical cases/topics/questions for review, or to have a session recording ready to show (via screenshare).  The session should include your work providing EMDR or another of the scripted interventions taught in the training/book with a client. (If there are barriers to recording sessions with clients, you can discuss this with your consultant or the consultation coordinator.)

Group consultation hours will count towards EMDRIA certification, as the group has a max of 8 participants. No individual consultation hours will be counted. To RSVP to one of the upcoming dates, click the RSVP link.

Instructors: Cynthia Arnold, LCMHC | Jessica Horder, LMHC | Elizabeth Davis, LCAT 

Upcoming Group Consultation Days:

  • January 1 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • January 2 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • January 19 (9:30 am – 12:30 pm ET) – Full/Waitlist Only
  • January 29 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • January 30 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • February 12 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • February 26 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • February 27 – Openings Available
  • March 11 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • April 1 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • April 2 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • April 29 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • April 30 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • May 10 (9:30 am – 12:30 pm ET) – Full/Waitlist Only
  • June 3 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • June 4 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • July 1 – Openings
  • July 2 – Openings
  • July 29 – Openings
  • July 30 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • August 7 (9:30 am – 12:30 pm ET) – Full/Waitlist Only
  • September 3 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • September 9 – Openings
  • September 30 – Openings
  • October 1 – Full/Waitlist Only
  • October 28 – Openings
  • October 29 – Openings
  • November 22 (9:30 am – 12:30 pm ET) – Openings
  • December 2 – Openings
  • December 3 – Openings
  • December 16 – Openings
  • December 18 (9:30 am – 12:30 pm ET) – Openings

All Consultation Groups run from 1 PM to 4 PM Eastern, unless otherwise stated.

EMDR Certification Package Participants: Please send an email to stating that you are a part of the Certification Package, and list the 4 group dates that you want to register for.

All others interested in joining a consultation group; please purchase the group package below, and you will be contacted via email about registering

Many more dates TBA

Registration is good for up to four sessions.

EMDR Group Consultation


EMDR Certification Package

The Certification Package includes:

  • 10 hours of individual consultation
  • 10+ hours of group consultation
  • 12+ EMDRIA CE credits and professional CEs for training programs

For more information, click here.

We offer a free Zoom interview with our consultation coordinator to answer any of your questions and to ensure that this package would be a good fit for you. Once you get registered, they’ll help you get started with an individual consultant, your group consultation sessions, as well as registration for your preferred training program.

EMDR Certification Package

Includes all required individual & group consultation, as well as programs for 12+ EMDRIA CE credits (and associated professional CEs)


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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