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Progressive Counting Consultation

PC Consultation

Individual Consultation in PC

Individual PC consultation is provided by TICTI Faculty who are TICTI-approved PC Consultants, who are qualified to support your application for PC Certification

PC Consultees must either:

These serve as a foundation for our focus on the entire trauma therapy approach.

Note that our Consultants and Consultants In Training will ask to see your work, typically via video-taped sessions. This enables us to provide the highest quality consultation, as well as to endorse you for certification based on having actually seen your work.

Find the right Consultant for you: send a Consultation Request including

  • what type of consultation you’re looking for (PC)
  • what types of clients you work with
  • whether you prefer an accredited consultant @ $150/hr or a consultant in training @ $75/hr (note that these rates are discounted when hours are purchased in bulk).

We offer a free Zoom interview with a consultant to help figure out the needs of anyone seeking consultation. The interview will be scheduled after we receive your Consultation Request.

Individual PC Consultation with an Approved Consultant

Write in N/A in the name of clinician box if you aren’t sure and would like to be matched with a consultant by our consultation coordinator.


PC Group Consultation

via web-based video-conference

For PC-trained clinicians.  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM, EST

This program will address:

  • Participant questions.
  • All taught interventions in the trauma-informed treatment approach.
  • Technical issues within the PC protocol.
  • Case consultation and problem-solving.

Who may attend: This event is for clinicians who have completed any TICTI distance learning program or 5+ day training program in which PC was taught. If you have a question re your eligibility, ask us.

Instructors: Ricky Greenwald, PsyD | Elizabeth Davis, LCAT | Cynthia Arnold, LCMHC | Consultants In Training |

This group consultation series is provided via secure web-based video-conference. You can participate from the convenience of your own home or office — all you need is a high-speed internet connection. Registration is good for four sessions.

Participants are encouraged to have a client session video ready to show (via your computer). The session should feature PC or another of the scripted Fairy Tale Model interventions.

Upcoming Group Consultation Days:

  • Monday, June 3rd, 9AM – 12PM Eastern – Jen Marchand
  • Friday, September 13th, 9AM – 12PM Eastern – Cindy Arnold
  • Monday, December 2nd, 9AM – 12PM Eastern – Jen Marchand

Many more dates TBA

Registration is good for up to four sessions.

PC Group Consultation


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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