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This policy only applies to those programs for which TICTI is responsible for participant registration (that means that you can register via this web site or the TICTI office). Other sponsors/producers of TICTI programs may have other policies. If you are scheduling a private Therapy Retreat, your therapist’s cancellation and refund policy will be posted here.

If TICTI cancels a course, participants will be offered a full refund, or may choose to apply their registration fee to another scheduled course.

If the participant cancels at least 15 days before the first course meeting, TICTI will provide a full refund less a $50 processing fee*.

If the participant cancels less than 15 days before the first course meeting, TICTI will provide a full refund less a $50 processing fee*, as long as the participant’s slot in the course is filled. There will be no refund of the registration fee if the slot is not filled.

Substitutions may be made (i.e., the participant may send another otherwise eligible participant in his/her place) for a $50 processing fee.

Full refund is available for the EMDR Certification package, less $100 processing fee. If a refund is requested after one or more activities in the package have been initiated, the refund will be pro-rated, with the processing fee as well as full value of the used/initiated items deducted.

No refund if the participant no-shows or cancels/withdraws on or after the day of the first course meeting.

No refund for the in person EMDR Group Consultation unless the slot is filled, in which case the $50 processing fee will apply.

No refund for the web-video-based EMDR or PC Group Consultation.

No refund for distance learning programs or recorded webinars.

Special Circumstances: Participants who cancel due to medical emergencies, disability, or other special circumstances may explain these circumstances in writing (e-mail is ok) and request special consideration. In such circumstances TICTI may, at its sole discretion, offer special arrangements.

*The processing fee is $75 for PC and Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy, $100 for EMDR and Certificate Program cancellations. Also, the cost of any materials already sent to the partipant will be an additional charge; a text book plus binder/handout will usually cost about $75. The participant has the option of returning any unused/undamaged materials, at their own cost, to avoid this charge. Electronic books cannot be returned if they have already been accessed.