Adjunct Trauma Therapy

Adjunct Therapy

Therapists sometimes have clients with whom they feel they are not making progress. Often this is due to unresolved  trauma or loss. 

Hour-long sessions may not allow enough time for a client to get through a traumatic memory; therefore, it can be challenging to do the trauma work. Clients may feel discouraged from continuing the hourly therapy when the root/trauma does not get resolved.

Intensive trauma therapy is helpful for clients who:

  • Need more time to get to their feelings and might avoid or put off doing the work.
  • Can’t get to their trauma work because weekly therapy is always taken up with pressing concerns

Intensive therapy can be part of the therapeutic plan when clients are not able to do the work in the hourly sessions or when an intensive seems more efficient and safe. After the intensive therapy retreat, your client would continue to work with you; we would, of course, be available should your client need to return for more intensive work.  Our team values the relationships that therapists have with their clients; we work with the primary therapist to support them in their mission to help their clients reach their goals.

Why collaborate with

  • We are leaders in the field of trauma therapy.
  • Our proven-successful treatment approach features EMDR and PC.
  • Clients get all or most of their trauma work done in a couple of days to a couple of weeks and then resume therapy with their existing therapist.

For more information or to schedule a private intensive therapy retreat,

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